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Why Dr. Candace Walker believes IV therapy may just be the boost you need.

By Michael J. Pallerino

Your career is demanding. And regardless of whether or not you are on the road, your body certainly feels like it. You’re tired. Worn down. Overwhelmed. Your body is not only dehydrated but feels like it has been beaten down by stress.

Candace M. Walker, M.D., meets these kinds of patients all the time. They are the everyday warriors. Moms. Dads. Grandparents. Week-long business travelers. Stay-at-home parents. The job or situation doesn’t matter as much as the end result does. At the end of a long day, everyone, everywhere, in any situation can use just that extra little push.

Dr. Walker has spent her career practicing family medicine in Metro Atlanta before opening Flowing Life Direct Health in Marietta. She says the traditional, volume-based way of practicing medicine is why she left the conventional clinic setting. “It burned me out and I needed to find a way to practice real medicine,” Dr. Walker said. “The art of doctoring is lost in today’s health system. The traditional system is not meeting the needs of individuals and is not providing a personalized, integrative way.”

Part of what Flowing Life offers is IV Nutrition Therapy, which works by delivering fluids, nutrients, and medications directly into a client’s bloodstream through a vein. The efficient method bypasses the digestive system, which enables rapid absorption and immediate effects.

“With IV Nutrition Therapy, you can get a higher concentration of vitamins without upsetting the digestive system,” she said. “Over the past few years, the treatment has become more and more popular. IV nutrition therapy, or ‘drips,’ offer a plethora of benefits. Every one of our IV nutrition therapies will offer hydration and minerals.”

IV therapy is commonly used for rehydration, nutrient supplementation, administering medications, and correcting imbalances in electrolytes or blood chemistry. It also allows for precise control over dosage and timing, making it a powerful tool in healthcare. “IV therapy is an effective way to get essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids,” Dr. Walker said. “Unlike oral supplements, which your body may not fully absorb, IV vitamins provide a direct route to the bloodstream for optimal absorption. This means you can get the nourishment your body needs at a cellular level, potentially speeding up healing and recovery.”

And there are other benefits, too. For example, besides promoting overall health, some clients (Dr. Walker refers to people in her Direct Primary Care membership as “members.”) turn to IV therapy to aid with weight loss, improve physical performance, skin brightening, elevated performance and recovery, hangover recovery and to fight signs of aging. It is why if you walk into the Flowing Life facility, you have a menu of IV drip options, including the Energizer, the Executive, Rise and Shine, Fountain of Youth, and more.

The treatment, available for members and nonmembers, offers a private, spa-like experience that along with the Flowing Life team, you can create a physician-guided and customized IV drip treatment plan that meets your needs. “Personalizing your care is our priority,” Dr. Walker said. “We’re here to help you stay healthy in the safest and most relaxing way possible. We’re currently featuring party packages that provide a health-infused hydrating experience for you and your friends. This is great for wedding parties, birthday parties, or fun get-togethers.”

Vein Vitality
The first question Dr. Walker typically gets asked is, “How does it work?” It all starts with a phone call. After you book a free consultation, you will meet with Dr. Walker to discuss your medical history.

There are some limitations regarding who can receive IV therapy treatments. For example, clients with health conditions such as heart failure, or certain types of kidney or lung disease may not be eligible. Certain medications and allergies also may affect your eligibility. Once your existing and previous medical conditions and allergies are reviewed, you can begin your initial consultation to determine which IV Nutrition Therapy cocktail best fits your health and wellness needs.

The procedure is straightforward. It’s the same sterile procedure used by hospitals to administer medications and quickly hydrate individuals, but in a comfortable, private, relaxing environment. The therapy involves the insertion of a small, thin tube called an IV catheter into a vein in one of your arms. The catheter is connected to a bag of fluids that can contain various substances like saline, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and medications.

The bag stays on a hook or stand while a pump or gravity flow controls the rate at which the fluids enter your body. During the treatment, some clients experience a cool feeling in their arm or a mineral taste in the mouth — both of which are normal, short-lived, potential side effects.

Depending on the specific type of IV therapy you’re getting and your unique needs, the duration of the treatment can vary. While Flowing Life members/clients typically plan for 30 minutes to an hour for each session, the therapies are never rushed. The goal is to provide a relaxing environment that enables each client to take the time needed to heal through hydration.

“You may get IV therapy sessions as often as one to two times a week,” Dr. Walker said. “However, many clients do not need to get IV therapy as often. It all depends on your unique circumstances and wellness goals. For example, if you are looking to boost energy levels, you may notice the effects within three days to two weeks following your first treatment. But if you are trying to accelerate your metabolism or clear your skin, it may take at least three weeks to see positive changes (Note: The effects on your metabolism begin instantly on a cellular level).”

Why IV therapy treatments?
While oral vitamins are convenient, Dr. Walker says they may not be as effective as IV vitamins. Your digestive system only absorbs about 20 to 30 percent of the vitamins and minerals you consume orally. But IV therapy empowers nutrients to be rapidly absorbed directly into the bloodstream for maximum benefits, allowing your body to efficiently use the nutrients at a cellular level.

In a time when more people are seeking alternatives to keeping their bodies in check, you will find several different options in the marketplace, including IV therapy clinics. The key is to prioritize your safety and health by selecting a clinic with physician-guided protocols. For example, Flowing Life provides those initial physician consults, which help optimize the health and safety of the client, and matches the therapy to their needs.

So, if you find yourself tired, worn down and overwhelmed with it all, an IV therapy just may be the boost you need to jumpstart your recovery.

All it takes is a phone call.

Get your IV therapy
Here’s a breakdown of Flowing Life’s menu of IV Nutrition Therapy services (starting at $150):

  •  Energizer
  •  The Executive
  •  Immune Booster
  •  Weight Loss
  •  Rise and Shine
  •  Fountain of Youth
  •  Performance Booster

IV Nutrition Therapy Enhancements and Injections ($25 for enhancements and $50 for injections):

  •  Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
  •  Vitamin D3
  •  NAD+
  •  Zinc Sulfate
  •  Dexamethasone
  •  Ketorolac
  •  Ondansetron
  •  Diphenhydramine HCL
  •  Lipo C
  •  Glutathione
  •  Vitamin/Mineral Blend
  •  “Skinny Shots” (Vitamin B injections, Lipotropic injections)

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