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Choosing A Senior Care Facility

Gaines Park Senior Living
Gaines Park Senior Living

Gaines Park Senior Living in Kennesaw eases the burden.

By Cory Sekine-Pettite

While it’s never an easy decision to determine if a senior living community is the correct move for yourself or your loved ones, the right community can help in making that choice. Since 1997, Gaines Park Senior Living in Kennesaw has eased this burden by showing families a compassion for care and offering an excellent list of amenities, which include life enrichment activities, well-balanced dietary services, private residences, and a personal level of commitment to the health and well-being of every resident.

Cobb In Focus recently spoke with Executive Director Bonnie Galluccio to learn more about what makes Gaines Park Senior Living so special. First, Galluccio knows that placing your family member in the care of others can evoke a whirlwind of emotions and uncertainties. Above all else, you want to ensure their happiness, comfort, and safety — and you deserve to experience peace of mind knowing that your loved one is thriving and receiving the utmost care. This is where Gaines Park shines, she says. “Coming from someone who has been involved in this industry for literally decades, I can wholeheartedly state without reservation that Gaines Park is absolutely different,” Galluccio says. “While we are definitely not the newest community, from the moment you walk through our doors, it’s inviting and homelike. The staff members welcome you, and it’s truly a genuine welcome. It’s worth mentioning the longevity of our staff members, some of whom have been Gaines Park employees for over two decades. That in and of itself speaks volumes given today’s unstable workforce post-COVID.”

Shot of a group of happy seniors playing a card game in their retirement home while a nurse watchesSo, when is the right time to move to a senior living or assisted living facility? Sadly, Galluccio says, so many seniors put assisted living and skilled nursing facilities in the same box, often referring to these communities as “a home.” As a result, many times there’s an intense aversion as they view a senior living community as a 1970’s, dreary nursing home. “Obviously, that is the furthest thing from the truth with all the beautiful options out there today,” she says. “To that end, many wait a long time, sometimes too long, to make the move to assisted living. One should explore assisted living if they’re residing in an unsafe environment at home, secondary to physical or cognitive decline; or to avoid isolation, especially after the passing of a spouse, which can lead to depression, malnutrition, dehydration, and falls.”

The living options at Gaines Park consist of personal care and memory care. The facility is licensed for a capacity of 68 residents. Gaines Park aids with activities of daily living inclusive of bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, medication, housekeeping, and laundry. “It’s important to mention that some of our residents require minimal to no assistance,” Galluccio says. “I make mention of this because it’s important to understand that people do live in senior living communities and are fully functional. They elect to move in for socialization and the simple fact of no longer wanting to live alone but rather in a community setting with friends and people within reach 24/7, if need be.”

The apartments at Gaines Park do not have kitchens, she adds, because the facility does the cooking for residents. They provide three meals per day (Galluccio says the meals are “pretty darn delicious!”). Additionally, the community’s new activities director is “hitting it out of the park,” according to Galluccio, in keeping residents engaged in a vast variety of activities. “Hearing our residents laughing throughout the day is pretty awesome and contagious,” she says.

More than just fun hobbies, these social activities for seniors play a crucial role in supporting their overall health and well-being. The physical perks, cognitive health advantages, and emotional benefits cannot be under-estimated. On any given day at Gaines Park, one may find residents participating in walking tours, dance classes, fitness classes, arts and crafts workshops, gardening clubs, and much more. “In the supportive environment of Gaines Park Senior Living, seniors can consistently engage in social activities, paving the way for a lifestyle characterized by health, happiness, and fulfillment,” the facility’s website reads.

Further, families can rest assured that each resident is safe and secure in their apartment. Gaines Park has state-of-the-art security, is very well lit throughout (which reduces the risk of accidents) and has a well-trained safety team committed to creating a secure senior living environment. In fact, that team regularly partakes in safety drills and emergency response scenarios to ensure preparedness for any situation. In turn, residents and their families are provided with peace of mind regarding their wellbeing.

Gaines Park
Gaines Park

Speaking of preparedness, Galluccio encourages families who are considering assisted living to simply visit communities or facilities unannounced. “I always tell people that it’s best not to schedule an appointment for a tour so when you walk in, you see the real deal,” she says. “Just show up! Is the community clean and inviting? Do the residents look happy and well-kept? Look past the oversized chandelier and granite countertops. While that may be important to some, and that’s OK, it’s the care the resident receives and the stability of the team that takes priority.”

Clearly, communication and transparency are at the heart of creating a truly caring and secure senior living environment at Gaines Park. That’s why the facility has many communication channels to keep residents and their families informed. Regular updates and communication foster a sense of trust and peace of mind among residents and their families. They also allow for immediate feedback and quick resolution of any concerns, which is key to fostering a peaceful, safe, and secure assisted living environment, administrators say. Residents also are encouraged to voice their experiences, concerns, and suggestions. Their feedback is invaluable in evaluating the community’s safety measures and making improvements to provide residents with peace of mind.

Finally, if you’re currently considering a senior living community, then cost may be among your chief concerns. According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, assisted living in our area averages about $4,000 per month, whereas in-home care costs slightly more and nursing home care can average almost double that amount. However, a personal home care facility such as Gaines Park, which assists with activities of daily living like bathing, getting dressed, transfer assistance, and personal hygiene (but does not provide skilled medical care as you would receive in a nursing home) is a more affordable option for many. With prices starting at $3,700 per month, imagine benefiting from these services:

  •  Personalized health care plans
  •  Assistance bathing, eating, grooming, and more
  •  Medication management and administration
  •  Personal emergency response
  •  Round-the-clock support
  •  Housekeeping and maintenance service
  •  Scheduled transportation for appointments and entertainment
  •  Wellness and fitness programs
  •  Three chef-inspired meals every day.

When you weigh that against trying to provide all these benefits yourself for your family member in need of elder care — in addition to all the health advantages of socialization for seniors — then the cost becomes less of a worry. To determine if Gaines Park Senior Living is right for your family, give them a call 770.288.5847, visit gainespark.com, or even better, just stop by!

Gaines Park is Expanding
Executive Director Bonnie Galluccio says Gaines Park is nearing completion on its Memory Care neighborhood. “In our zeal to make the neighborhood welcoming and not overwhelming, we opted to limit it to only sixteen residents,” she says. “We selected a part of the building that’s airy and bright with only one hallway to navigate. It’s important to mention that, when it’s an active and engaging memory care community, it should never be viewed as the end of the book but rather another chapter; one that should be filled with purpose, fulfillment, laughter and a whole lot of love.” To learn more, visit gainespark.com

Gaines Park Senior Living
1740 Old 41 Highway NW
Kennesaw, GA 30152

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