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Motivated Toward A Mission

Back row left to right: Giovanna Epherson, Uros Ciric, Betsy Zimmerman, and Jonathan Page. Front row left to right: Emma Johnson, Nicholas Broder, Scott Sweeney, and Mariana Page.
Back row left to right: Giovanna Epherson, Uros Ciric, Betsy Zimmerman, and Jonathan Page. Front row left to right: Emma Johnson, Nicholas Broder, Scott Sweeney, and Mariana Page.

InPrime seeks to serve clients quickly and efficiently at a flat rate with a smart, solution-oriented legal team.

By Jennifer Morrell

In 2013, Jonathan Page had a vision. Having left a midsized law firm in Atlanta, he was on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses use legal services. Page had first-hand experience in charging a client for every six-minute increment. He understood the traditional — old and outdated — model that many firms followed to practice law. It was inefficient, slow, costly, and lacking accountability, leaving no proven value. To address these fundamental flaws, Page set out to change the model entirely. InPrime Legal was born, with Page at the helm as Chief Visionary, and the company is thriving.

“Hourly billing means the attorney has zero incentive to solve a client’s problems quickly,” Page says. “CEOs and owners pay for time spent, not results achieved or value gained. The old model only encourages inaction.”

As a result, he says, clients bring the lawyer in at the last minute. This is more of a reaction rather than a proactive response, and at that point, it’s really too late. You can bet that it will be expensive as well. Page and InPrime have changed the way law is practiced, and their clients are reaping enormous benefits.

The difference
InPrime charges a flat monthly fee, so there are no more surprise law bills. Using lean, agile and scrum (a framework that helps teams work together) principles, InPrime is proactive, rather than reactive, solving problems quickly. When clients become “members” of the InPrime program, they gain access to a membership site, member.inprimelegal.com. On this site, members can draft agreements using InPrime’s proprietary algorithms and Contract Sprint platform (think LegalZoom on steroids), request contract reviews, gain immediate access to attorneys and paralegals, check on the status of all legal projects currently in the pipeline, and retrieve key documents.

Members also can join InPrime Masterminds with the firm’s other progressive CEOs and visionaries to learn best practices for scaling up their businesses. InPrime’s business ecosystem helps CEOs, visionaries, and owners to achieve better results in their business, while using InPrime to give them the legal guardrails to scale quickly.

The prepaid advantage
A prepaid legal subscription has many benefits. The traditional “bill-you-by-the-minute” mentality has been replaced with and upgraded to a predictable, flat monthly fee. “This allows us to prevent minor legal issues before they become significant and expensive legal issues,” Page says. “High-quality legal advice can help you as a business owner or executive to make informed decisions about various personal matters, such as: estate planning, family matters, finance issues, and employment issues. We provide specialized, proactive legal support for our members in six key practice areas: company structure, labor and employment, contracts, intellectual property, leases, and dispute resolution.”

InPrime offers a coaching program for those members who wish to ramp up rapidly, helping them to align legal strategies with their business goals to supercharge their results. “We help our clients create a powerful, results-focused strategic plan, design and implement the right strategic infrastructure for quarter-over-quarter progress, and then align legal strategy for the best results,” Page says.

Alignment can be a key to success. Page references the success of a historic deal that was made in 1980, when Microsoft formed a partnership with IBM to bundle Microsoft’s operating system with IBM computers. “Bill Gates negotiated the right to license its MS-DOS operating system to other computer companies. A contract allowed Microsoft to capture 90 percent of the market share by the 1990s, making them the most valuable company at that time.”

A team that works
InPrime employs 10 full-time attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff. Every staff member adheres to the firm’s core values, including, “No Assembly Required Solutions.”

From left: InPrime Legal’s Uros Ciric, Mariana Page, and Jonathan Page.
From left: InPrime Legal’s Uros Ciric, Mariana Page, and Jonathan Page.

“All of our business attorneys, paralegals, and support staff are heavily trained to assemble as much of the solution for our clients as possible, because we understand CEOs and executive teams need to move quickly,” Page says. “They need solutions they can act on, now. It is fundamental to our organization.”

Page adds that the attorneys at InPrime Legal are licensed and experienced in a wide range of legal matters and are well-reviewed by customers and in good standing with their respective state bars. Members of InPrime Legal plans can set up an attorney consultation on a wide range of business issues. Typically, attorney consultations will last 30 minutes, and annual legal checkups typically last for one hour. Each legal matter is considered to be unique and is treated with urgency.

Currently, InPrime serves more than 100 clients in the Cobb County area. The core customer is a business owner who has recently left corporate America to start his own fast-growing business. Page says InPrime is a member of many local chambers, including the Cobb Chamber of Commerce. “We also volunteer our time to SCORE Atlanta, a non-profit resource partner of the Small Business Administration and dedicated to mentoring and aiding in the success of small business owners and founders,” he says. “InPrime has previously supported such causes as Enduring Hearts, a non-profit dedicated to funding innovative research aimed toward increasing the longevity of pediatric heart transplants; Georgia Cares, an organization working to eradicate domestic minor sex trafficking in Georgia; and many other organizations through Rotary International.”

InPrime has a plethora of elated clients singing their praises. “To say I’m a huge fan would be an understatement,” says Dr. Jeff Kingsley, CEO, Centricity Research. “I’ve used InPrime Legal services for many years, and I have absolutely zero doubt that they provide more value at a fairer price than I’ve ever had with a prior legal firm — and I’ve had many. They eat, breathe, drink, and sleep customer service. They never stop focusing on providing immense value to their clients. They are wildly intelligent and experienced, but also know when they need to call in additional resources.”

The future
“We live, breath, and talk business,” Page says. “Business is our passion. We are entrepreneurs at heart, who happen to be lawyers. And the greatest reward we receive is being part of our members’ successes in achieving big results.”

The 10-year vision for InPrime is to create a powerful business growth ecosystem. This includes furnishing high-quality, results-driven, affordable legal services to the mass market via InPrime Essentials; providing an outsourced law department for small- to mid-sized businesses, ensuring they are “always sale-ready” via the InPrime 2.0 program; and providing Elite members the mindset, strategies and tactics to scale big, which is achieved through their coaching program. This Business Owners Achieving Results (BOAR) ecosystem will bring all InPrime members together to support and jumpstart each other’s growth through community boards, summits, masterminds, boot camps, and innovation through technology.

“Our ecosystem will always be in the pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up new market space and create new demand,” Page says. “Our services are always focused on providing maximum value in the most efficient way possible. That is the future for InPrime.”

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