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Leaders of Cobb: Kari Beebe

Kari Beebe

Owner, PAG Fiscal Services

THE STORY: In my former corporate life, I worked in Human Resources before moving into 401(k) management. Later on, I had a part-time job at a law firm where I kept their books, and realized I wanted to concentrate on bookkeeping full time. A chance encounter led me to become an early adopter of QuickBooks Online in “the cloud.” I specialize in individual lawyers and small law firms and find that experience is easily transferable to other service industries.

WHY I CHOSE TO LIVE IN COBB: My husband and I moved to Cobb in 2010 with our two young daughters. It was a two-fold decision. First and foremost was the quality of the schools in Cobb County. The second was being near my in-laws where my husband grew up in Cobb. I work here because this is home. I gotten to know people from being involved in the community and through various networking groups. And it is through those groups I try to find ways to give back to the community, which makes this a better place for everyone.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? I am a ‘helper’ by nature. People know to call me if they need a ride to the doctor or assistance with a project. My bookkeeping and payroll company allows me to help small business owners in several ways. Managing the day-to-day transactions lets the owner focus on the “bigger picture.” To sum it up, I love it when my clients tell me I save them time while allowing them to sleep at night knowing everything is current and accurate.

LEISURE TIME: I enjoy the increasingly rare times when all of my family is together. Outside of family, I turned my lifelong love of basketball into a volunteer role on the board of East Marietta Basketball where I am the VP of the girl’s division. I want to get as many girls as possible out there playing because I believe that participation in youth sports provides confidence and a boost in self-esteem that young girls often don’t get elsewhere. To get my competitive fix, I play as much ALTA tennis as I can year-round.

BEST ADVICE: For new entrepreneurs, I suggest get your bookkeeping system set up as soon as you decide to establish your business. Many people wait too long and don’t capture all the startup expenses incurred. Additionally, make sure your system is set up correctly. Getting off on the wrong foot only creates a need to unravel things later. Established small businesses: if your books are feeling “undone,” find a professional to delegate to and free yourself up to do the work you are passionate about. As I tell my lawyers, I would never represent myself in a legal matter. Why would you do your own books?

WHAT’S NEXT? Adding new software to my technology stack that makes my client experience more user-friendly and enjoyable. It automates the less value-added tasks, which allows me to focus on issues that matter most to my clients. I am also adding profit strategies and advisory services for business owners.


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