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Leaders of Cobb: Marietta Business Association

Marietta Business Association board members

THE STORY: Our story began about 12 years ago. We are an organization of small, medium, and large businesses in the Marietta City/Cobb County area, hosted at Roswell Street Baptist Church. We all are here to support each other and each business in the community, as well as our local school systems. We have almost 250 members, with 28 Corporate Members! Board members pictured left to right above are: Brent Rittersdorf, Angella Ocheltree, John Silvey, Michelle Fauche, Julie Michaels, Keith Ivey, Christina Barth, Lauren Fici, Jeff Garland, and Teresa Hunter Jones.

WHY WE CHOOSE TO LIVE/WORK IN COBB: We choose to live and work in Marietta/Cobb County because we have the best and most supportive community. It’s not just an area to live and not just an association to join; it’s a family atmosphere, where anyone is welcome with open arms!

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR ORGANIZATION? We love the Marietta Business Association because by being members, we are able to support our community! We hold our annual Egg Hunt, which supports our local schools. We hold our annual Spring Splash event, which benefits a local nonprofit with half our duck sales going to the charity of choice. We hold two Public Safety cookouts, sponsored by HomeBridge The Gianni Cerretani Team. We have great speakers who want to share their knowledge and life with our members.

ACTIVITIES: We support our schools with our annual Egg Hunt. Proceeds are used by the schools at their discretion. We also have Teacher Hero Awards which we give to a special individual at each school, each year. We support our local nonprofits by giving them a table to speak to our members before our monthly luncheons, and also one charity of choice is able to receive a donation from the sales of our ducks at the Spring Splash.

BEST ADVICE: The best advice we can give readers is to find an association or organization that fits you. We have memberships ranging from $85 (standard), $575 (Corporate), and $1,200/$2,000 (Legacy/Executive Legacy). There’s a membership level for everyone! We love supporting our local business associations and our local business members.

WHAT’S NEXT? Our goal for the future is to continue to support our local businesses and schools, increase our membership with wonderful business individuals, and to network and brand our businesses. Our “theme” for next year is Leadership in the Community. We will have many community leaders as speakers, to spread their business and community knowledge, and how those two go hand in hand. We plan to increase the support of our local schools and our business members. We hope you join us for the fun!

770.423.1330 • mariettabusiness.org

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