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Leaders of Cobb: Cindy & Josh Nelson

Cindy & Josh Nelson

THE STORY: As we age, we tend to go through phases. In our 20’s, we start to plant the roots of our own family and set ourselves up for the life we imagine. Our 30’s tend to be about growing that family to be happy and healthy; we make sure our loved ones are set up for success. Our 40’s are about growing our careers and working hard. When I hit my 50’s, I really felt the need to help others and give back. After a rewarding career with large companies, I knew there was a greater impact I could have while working directly with people. I had seen so many families that were hit by what I call “the curveballs of life,” and because they didn’t know their options, they didn’t prepare and often were left devastated. I started volunteering at a clinic that helped seniors in need of legal assistance. I found that there is an amazing need for not only senior legal services, but even education about their legal options.

WHY I CHOSE TO LIVE IN COBB: The people led me to Cobb. It is such a great community with a strong cultural mix. They provide a wealth of local charm and bring new perspectives.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? The hugs! In what is often seen as a transactional field, I have been able to shift the culture in my firm and with my clients where we really feel connected like family. Watching someone have their burden lifted right in front of you is one of the best feelings.

LEISURE TIME: I enjoy spending time with my husband and our four children — when I can get everyone together. Of course, my son, Josh is a partner in the firm. Otherwise, you will find me in the yard working on my “green thumb,” or playing with my dogs.

BEST ADVICE: Seek help from people that can give you options that are individually tailored to you and your loved ones. Whether it’s a CPA, lawyer, doctor, or mechanic, make sure they have your interests at heart.

WHAT’S NEXT? Personally, I have two sons getting married over the next year and am looking forward to watching them start their own families. Professionally, I want to keep expanding the education we provide to families. A little planning now really can be an amazing gift to their entire family. You don’t have to go broke or be a burden to your family just because you get older and have health needs. You don’t have to lose everything you worked your entire life building up; instead, it can be a legacy to your spouse, children, or grandchildren that helps them have the life you want for them.

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