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Continuing A Legacy

Avery Gallery restoration work

The story of Avery Gallery’s Transition and Preservation

Preserving a legacy is an endeavor that requires not only reverence for the past but also a vision for the future. In the heart of Cobb County, Shae and Gwenda Avery nurtured a legacy spanning over four decades through their dedication to fine art and restoration services. With the passing of the torch to their long-term employees, a new chapter unfolds at Avery Gallery, where tradition meets innovation in the pursuit of excellence.

Preservation through transition: For more than 40 years, Shae and Gwenda Avery were synonymous with the art scene in Cobb County. Their establishment of downtown Marietta’s sole fine art gallery and restoration service in 1982 laid the foundation for a storied legacy. However, with Gwenda’s passing in 2020 and Shae’s in 2022, the question of preserving their life’s work loomed large. The gallery was entrusted to three dedicated employees, ensuring continuity and honoring the Avery tradition.

Embracing the future: Under the stewardship of Shanna Holt-Edwards, Jason Cochrane, and Monica Glenn, Avery Gallery stands poised to carry forward its legacy into the future. Situated in a 9,000-square-foot space just off the historic Marietta Square, the gallery continues to showcase an impressive collection of fine art, spanning centuries and continents. From renowned masters like Marsden Hartley and Vladimir Tretchikoff to contemporary talents such as Ellen DeLoach, the gallery remains a bastion of artistic excellence. They encourage local designers to visit the gallery, which offers commissions to the trade. The recently renovated space is also available for events.

Craftsmanship and expertise: Central to Avery Gallery’s ethos is a commitment to craftsmanship and expertise. Cochrane, a graduate of the Atlanta College of Art, oversees the framing and sculpture restoration departments, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Glenn, with decades of experience in art restoration, preserves the integrity of priceless works through her mastery of painting restoration and paper preservation techniques. Their dedication ensures that every piece entrusted to Avery Gallery receives the utmost care and skill.

Beyond preservation: Avery Gallery’s dedication extends beyond traditional art restoration to encompass a broader spectrum of preservation efforts. From antique frames to sculptures, the gallery’s restoration services breathe new life into cherished artifacts. Notably, Avery Gallery’s expertise in complex framing projects, exemplified by their handling of oversized pieces like Chuck Close’s monumental self-portrait, underscores their versatility and innovation.

Looking ahead: As Avery Gallery embarks on its next chapter, the new owners are poised to embrace the future while honoring the past. Plans for upcoming exhibitions and events signal a commitment to fostering community engagement and artistic expression. Through strategic initiatives and a dedication to quality, Avery Gallery stands ready to write the next chapter in its storied legacy.

In the annals of Cobb County’s art history, Avery Gallery occupies a singular place — a testament to the vision and dedication of its founders, and now, the passion and ingenuity of its new custodians. By passing the torch to those who have been with them through it all, the Averys have ensured that their legacy will endure, inspiring future generations to embrace the transformative power of art.

Avery Gallery
390 Roswell Street NE
Marietta, GA 30060
Ph: 770.427.2459

Quilts on Display in Cobb

Canyon Melody
Canyon Melody

East Cobb Quilters’ Guild has partnered with Cobb County Public Library and Cultural Affairs Division of Cobb PARKS’ arts centers to create quilt exhibits throughout the county. The “Quilts On Display” exhibit will be shown from March 4-29 at five libraries and two arts centers. Sewell Mill Cultural Center will exhibit all the challenge quilts, which were created in this yearly competition among guild members.

The theme for 2023 was “Musical Madness” that challenged members to choose a favorite musical selection or type of music and create a quilt inspired by their choice. This year’s winner is Canyon Melody (pictured) by Janice Chiaffredo inspired by Native American flute songs. Complete details are located at ecqg.com/quilts-on-display.

Later this spring (April 13 through May 29), the Mable House Arts Center will present an exhibit as part of “Quilts on Display.” The exhibit will feature award-winning quilts from prior “Georgia Celebrates Quilts” shows.

East Cobb Quilters’ Guild president Devon Pfeif commented, “This is such an exciting year for the Guild. We are so appreciative of our strong relationships with both Cobb Libraries and Arts Centers and to have the opportunity to share our talents with the community through these exhibits. Especially this year when we host our 19th biennial “Georgia Celebrates Quilts” show in June. I am proud to be part of this amazing and talented group of women and men quilters.”


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