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A Surgeon’s Hand And An Artist’s Eye

Dr. Yellin in surgery
Photos: Shasta Rhodes

Even after 25-plus years in medicine, Dr. Seth A. Yellin still loves giving patients the gift of confidence.

By Lindsay Field Penticuff

Confidence is the belief in yourself that you can overcome barriers, hurdles, or stumbling blocks to accomplish your goals,” shares Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS, Founder and Director of Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center.

“Many of these obstructions are self-imposed,” adds Dr. Yellin. “You see this all the time in teenagers,” he explains. “For example, a teenager comes in with a bump on their nose. I see that they’re healthy and attractive; however, they say they feel self-conscious about their profile, hate taking pictures, and are not outgoing and social.”

After a short surgical procedure called rhinoplasty, Dr. Yellin says that teens return to share that they’re so much more confident, have made more friends, and are thrilled with their new nose. “By fixing that one feature, their confidence is now able to shine through,” he says. That’s the power of well-done aesthetic surgery!

It’s not just young people who can gain a boost of confidence through aesthetic procedures. Dr. Yellin uses his talents to help men and women of all ages feel more confident and beautiful. Even if you’re 70 years-old and you feel like you no longer look like your former self, he can perform some magic to achieve a natural-appearing yet younger, fresher, more vibrant version of yourself.

People have different needs and desires when it comes to their appearance. Dr. Yellin’s interventions are customized to each patient and artistically performed to enable them to both look better and feel great. “Improving someone’s self-esteem is a huge gift that keeps on giving. These are really impactful things that we do for people,” he says.

Self-Esteem-Boosting Procedures
There are three main categories of procedures and treatments that Dr. Yellin uses for his patients at Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center, including:

Injectables: “We lose facial bone and we lose and redistribute facial fat as we age, which leads to an obvious change in appearance that we recognize as looking older. For women in particular, the loss of midface volume leads to a loss of youthful beauty. However, these changes can be reversed with injectable fillers done artistically and placed at the proper depth,” says Dr. Yellin.

Dr. Yellin reminds us that “it is not the paint but the painter that creates the masterpiece.” Deeply placed hyaluronic acid fillers lift and rejuvenate the face by reshaping all the soft tissues of the face, creating a natural look that can last for years. When rejuvenating, balancing or simply enhancing a face, consider that “facial shape is the foundation of beauty and correcting asymmetries and volume loss is the starting point for almost everyone. Most people can notice an age-related facial shape change in their mid 40’s, which progressively gets more obvious with time. Correcting these undesirable changes is the starting point for most of my patients” he says.

Using injectable hyaluronic acid fillers, Dr. Yellin can meaningfully rejuvenate one’s facial appearance in under an hour in the office using what he calls his novel “Injecta-Lift” technique. This includes injecting hyaluronic acid fillers deeply and artistically to reshape and restructure the face three-dimensionally and comprehensively. “There is some swelling and bruising, but no limits to activities, and there’s no significant down time. It’s an instantaneous improvement that creates several years of benefit.”

Laser Treatments & Energy Devices: “Laser light and non-laser technologies such as Profound RF and Broad Band Light (BBL) corrects sunlight-related skin damage, whether it be laxity, lines and wrinkles, unwanted superficial blood vessels or pigmentary issues such as redness, brown spots or melasma,” he says.

“To address age-related skin changes, CO2 laser is almost like a magic-wand for many of my patients,” says Dr. Yellin. In addition, Dr. Yellin’s team of aestheticians have a multitude of technologically-advanced treatments to help make your skin look its best.

Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS
Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS

Surgery: Sagging jawlines and necks, heavy eyelids, a drooping or asymmetric brow or a nose that one feels doesn’t complement their face are all examples of problems that require a surgical fix. Dr. Yellin points out that “many of the surgical procedures that once required general anesthesia can safely be performed in the office with only oral Xanax to relax the patient and local anesthesia for comfort, which reduce the stress and cost of the procedures, making them more accessible to all who need them.”

In summary, “surgery fixes the sag, lasers fix sunlight damage, and fillers replace lost fat and bone,” says Dr. Yellin. “You have to choose the right tool for the job.”

Creating patient happiness and satisfaction also takes someone who is a good listener and is willing to modify the treatment plan to reflect the patient’s priorities. “Someone may need 20 things corrected, but only one thing bothers them. So, if possible, fix that one thing and allow them to move on,” Dr. Yellin says. “Others can’t tolerate the slightest imperfection and want everything done. Everyone needs different things. I create an individualized treatment plan that considers the patient’s aesthetic goals and desires, their tolerance for downtime and healing, and their budget. It’s about being able to deliver for every patient time and again.”

He notes that in addition to his obvious role in creating natural, beautiful patient outcomes that create changes that are much more than skin-deep, it takes the outstanding efforts of his entire team of support staff, medical and surgical assistants and aestheticians to make the entire patient experience seamless and supportive.

Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS
Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS

Why Dr. Yellin Does What He Does
Helping his patients at Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center to become their best selves, both inside and out, is Dr. Yellin’s prime motivation. “I use my artistry and surgical skills to improve my patients’ appearance with the intended goal of making them feel better about themselves. Whether patients acknowledge it or not, looking better and feeling better are intimately interconnected.”

“If I can fix what bothers the patient, that issue is taken off the table and ceases to be an issue of concern.” Dr. Yellin says. “It is particularly exciting for me to hear from patients that they never could have imagined looking this good because they didn’t know that the changes they experienced were even possible.” He adds, “being able to give someone their confidence back is an awesome experience that I never tire of.”

And it is comments and reviews like the following that keep Dr. Yellin coming back to work each and every day:

  •  “Dr. Yellin has changed my life. He gave me an opportunity to become a more authentic person, which I know sounds crazy because you think about cosmetic changes being superficial, but I really think by opening up my eyes and by lifting my face, it’s given me the chance to show more of who I really am, the person inside.”
  •  “I researched a lot of doctors and consulted with a few before I chose Dr. Yellin. His focus is faces and he is a master. I look younger, and I feel prettier and more confident. My only regret is not seeing Dr. Yellin sooner!”
  •  “I am two weeks out from my procedure and I could not be more pleased with the results. Dr. Yellin and his entire staff are professional, dedicated, thorough, and caring. I look younger, more attractive, and more rested. Dr. Yellin truly has a surgeon’s hand and an artist’s eye.”

Dr. Yellin enjoys sitting with his patients and reviewing their before and after photos. When he hears this type of feedback, it just reinforces his decision to become a doctor in the first place and to have specialized in the field of facial plastic surgery for 25-plus years. “I am very value driven, so if at the end of the day when the healing is done and the patient says, ‘thank you so much, you have made me very happy,’ I still get goosebumps.

“Think about the trust that someone has to have,” he continues. “I meet them for an hour in consultation, and then they give me permission to operate on their face and change their appearance. That’s a huge leap of faith, and an awesome responsibility that I take very seriously. Delivering on that trust and making my patients happy is what I look forward to every day, and is my prime professional motivation.”

Giving Back Program
Throughout November and December, Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center is hosting a collection drive to support LiveSafe Resources in Marietta. Employees, patients, and the community are invited to donate basic goods, such as hairbrushes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner. Donations of money to help the staff purchase essential items for LiveSafe are also welcome. The office will be open for collections Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 111 Marble Mill Road NW in Marietta. A collection box will be set up at the front entrance of the building. To learn more about LiveSafe, visit livesaferesources.org.

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